About Us

The Caren International Food Group is a commercial manufacturing complex, which includes specific manufacturing units by over 20 years of production experience and is located in Isfahan, I.R of IRAN.

This group has commenced its activities in the field of biscuit and nougat manufacturing and has attempted to use high range of science, technology and experience to achieve Global standards and qualities. This group could establish effective and experienced commercial and business team to proceed its exporting and international distributions to most continents and accredited countries such as Canada , United Kingdom , Oman , Kuwait ,UAE , Iraq and …, due to this situation our company has long history of participation in International Exhibitions such as Shanghai SIAL Fairs, Dubai Gulfood Exhibitions and etc.

One of most important policies for our company is behaving according to the fundamentals of customer satisfaction in global societies, because this society is changing to the global village and different cultures and tastes are getting more similar together


Our Team

As it would considered in today’s modern world, most of activities would be done by teamwork and team structures and without team work these activities would not be finalized. Through this strategy

Caren group believe to this team cycle that the customer needs and quality of market requests can, would be analyzed by our commercial team for customer and leading to high quality and convenient product would be done by R&D and Production team , achieving to fast product delivery along with selecting suitable and economic shipment method of product delivery to target market can be done with our logistic team. For shaping to our professional cycle employing the teamwork would be so vital and important. Here we would have brief introduction of our strategic teams which are proceeding their activities by the supervision of our CEO and Management board here:


Commercial Department:

The major activity of this department is studying and evaluating of customer exact needs and market requests, these studies would be done by getting closed and strength communication with customer and studying the customer needs in the field of technical and commercial, fortunately there is a common literature between this department with other internal departments and this team potential can be used for finalizing of total production cost and launching of new products.


Research and Development Department:

At this Department, the points and the needs of product specifications  which have been recognized by commercial Department would be studied and finalized  by consideration of existed technical options for developing of the products and then the product justifications will be finalized with commercial department.

Production Department:

This department will proceed the production of R&D finalized and high-quality products by consideration of quantitative and qualitative requirements. During the production process the Quality control team would have permanent monitoring and control on produced product and this cooperation will get to high range of customer satisfaction and quality of final product.


Logistic Department:

This team is attempting and studying to choose high-quality and the best way of shipments for the orders according to customer needs range and will study needed arrangements for providing needed

Documents and certificates for dispatching of customer order to destination country and finally this team is operating in the process of order delivery management in the fastest and safest way to deliver fresh and healthy product to customer.

Masih GhaziAsgar

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Richy Lace
Marketing Director

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Jane Gray
Public Relations

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July Wood
Customer Support

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